Hometown:  Morristown, NJ

Coach Experience:  I have coached middle school and high school clubs teams (in NJ and Maryland), as well as a university team (in England) over the last 12 years. I am currently an assistant coach at Morristown High School. 

Playing experience:  Morristown High School and Columbia University. 

Coaching Expertise: Attack, Midfield, and Defense. 

Catherine Lee


What I enjoy most about coaching lacrosse is...I love helping players realize the limitless opportunity for self development that is available through youth athletics. There are a lot of life lessons that young athletes can learn from playing: hard work, teamwork, determination, goal setting, respect, patience, trust, communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, personal responsibility, body confidence, how to win, how to lose, how to lead, how to follow ...it's all there.

BBL classes differ from our rivals’ classes because… BBL is NOT just about filling a rosters or winning. The coaches are engaged and truly care about developing players. There is a constant drive to help everyone improve. 

Lacrosse is a great sport because… It's beautiful. There is nothing like watching the ball sail through the air as a team works together to move it down the field and into the opponents goal.  Lacrosse also requires a powerful combination of strength, agility, speed, endurance, and technical skill.

Something interesting or funny you didn’t know about me is... Antarctica is the only continent that I have not visited (yet).

When I am not coaching lacrosse, I like to… travel, camp, hike, play tennis, and read. 

Did you know that I once … I rented a car in Costa Rica and spent a week driving, hiking, surfing, and exploring as much of that beautiful country as I could...by myself. 

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