Hometown: Kinnelon, New Jersey

Coach Experience: Summer Camps

Playing experience: 13+ years. Kinnelon High School (Class of 2012). Manhattan College (Class of 2016)

Coaching Expertise: Defense

Marissa Acosta


What I enjoy most about coaching lacrosse is… I love watching players develop over time. I love watching my players become confident with their play as well as the person they are becoming. Lacrosse teaches so much more than just the “fundamentals” – seeing my players grasp life concepts through playing this sport, makes coaching worth it.

BBL classes differ from our rivals’ classes because… This program focuses on the “little things” which creates the perfect setup for the bigger picture. BBL gets down to the “nitty-gritty, the bread and butter” concepts. Stick skills, fast feet, constant communication, these are just a few of the techniques focused on at BBL that makes each player, each team, successful.

Lacrosse is a great sport because… It’s constantly growing and more people are watching, playing and talking about this sport. It’ll never go out of style. There’s so much room for creativity in this sport. 

Something interesting or funny you didn’t know about me is … I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.

When I am not coaching lacrosse, I like to… Go to the beach, hang with friends and family, lay around the house with my dog, and read lots of books.

Did you know that I once … Traveled to Ireland, London, Barcelona, and Greece all in one summer!

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