Home Town: Mountainside, NJ

Coaching Experience: 3 years

Playing Experience: 15 years

Coaching Expertise: Offense, Midfield and transition

Matt Klaskin


What I most enjoy most about coaching lacrosse is ... Watching the lightbulb go off in players minds who finally get something. There is nothing like playing this game at a high level on a consistent basis!

BBL classes differ from our rivals’ classes because ... The breakdown of all lacrosse skills into its most simple form. It sounds boring, but I've never seen kids have so much fun doing it.

Lacrosse is a great sport because ... there are far too many reasons for me to list. It is the epitome of the 'team' game. It also incorporates some aspect of every sport, except baseball. Sorry baseball, we just have nothing in common.

Something interesting or funny you didn’t know about me is ... I'm from Massachusetts, so I'm a diehard Boston sports fan! Don't try and change me, it will never happen.

When I am not coaching lacrosse, I like to ... Be with family and friends — be it skiing in VT, out on the lakes in NH, on the beaches in Cape Cod, or down the Shore — nothing beats the Shore!

The proudest moment of my life was ... Receiving my degree from Assumption College after 4-years of being a dedicated 2-sport, student-athlete.

Did you know that I once ... was chosen to play the role as 'Huck Finn' amongst all the kids in the 6th grade. Each class performed a skit from the famous novel. I read each of the openings as Huck, which eventually aired on the local tv station. I think I did Mark Twain proud!

How would I describe my coaching style ... I'm loud and direct. If I see something I'll say something — be it good or bad. I always wanted the best out of myself as a player. As a coach, I expect my players to have the same attitude. If you do, I'll go to battle with you any day, any time!

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