Director of Boys Travel:  Tyler Meth - tyler@buildingblockslacrosse.com
Director of Girls Travel:  Samantha Warner - Samantha.Warner.BBL@gmail.com
Director of Girls Travel North: Michelle Bradbury - mbradbury@buildingblockslacrosse.com
For additional assistance:  info@buildingblockslacrosse.com

The goal of Building Blocks Lacrosse is to significantly improve the quality of lacrosse players in New Jersey. Using our specially designed training curriculum, we develop each player through individual skills training, and then incorporate advanced game play. Unlike some of our competitors whose sole goal is to win, we place our teams in the highest tournament brackets possible so that we play against tough competition which raises the level of play for our players.

The BBL Elite travel calendar year begins after teams are selected in August. Our travel program consists of teams for boys and girls ranging from grades 4-11 that train together during fall, winter, spring and summer, and attend approximately 4-8 tournaments each year. Once selected for a spot on the team, you are asked to reserve your spot with a non refundable deposit. If you are not available for the fall tournaments, we still ask that you attend team practices whenever possible. (9-11 graders are expected to play fall and summer for recruiting purposes). Our office staff will work with you to prorate any fall activities that are missed. For the summer program, we expect attendance at all practices and every tournament.

Each team has a volunteer team parent leader (TPL) that assists us with distributing important information to the team/organizes team dinners and does many other helpful things for our parents and players to ensure a great experience for everyone!

Attention Parents!

Please remember that the [Parent Portal] has a 'BBL Elite' tab! This tab is in red and is located to the far right and is specifically designed as a resource to list all information about practices and tournament dates & locations in one place!