Class Specific

    A. Click on the training tab. Click on BBLAX Academy Classes. Narrow your search by filling in the Gender/Grade/Location etc. If you have any difficulty please contact the BBL Office at 908-604-4225.
    A. You may log in to your BBL profile via the LOGIN/Parent Portal (top right of website). You will need your username (primary email listed in your account) and password. If you don’t know them, there is a prompt for retrieval.
    A. We like to maintain a 6 to 1 student to coach ratio. A larger class would require multiple coaches.
    A. No.
    A. Necessary equipment for Pre K – 2nd Intro classes: Boys and Girls - stick. Necessary equipment for 1st grade Prodigy and older classes: Boys-stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads. Girls-stick, mouth guard, goggles. For classes at the In-Line facility, only sneakers are allowed. Girls Box Training - lacrosse or hockey helmet, stick, and sneakers.
    A. Our students come from a broad geographic area and it is up to you to determine if the roads are safe for travel.
    A. If a class is cancelled we post a notice on the Home Page. Additionally we send an “alert” to the email that you have listed as the primary email in your BBL profile.
    A. Unfortunately we still remain obligated to the facility as well as the coach even if you do not attend, therefore we do not offer credit for missed classes.
    A. You may sign up for a class after the session has begun for a prorated fee, provided there is room in the class. You must contact the office in order to do so.
    A. If you go to sign up for a class and find that there is a prompt to “join waitlist” please do so. There are multiple reasons why spots might open in the classes and we rely on the waitlist to fill these spots. We do our best to accommodate all in our classes, however we will not sacrifice the level of instruction just to squeeze more students in.
    A. If a class is cancelled a class credit will be posted to your BBL parent portal account. The credit does not expire and can be used towards any future training.
    A. You may view credits by logging in to your BBL profile via the Parent Portal (top right of home page). Once logged in select the "cart" tab. If you have a credit it will appear at the top of the page, the credit will be automatically applied when you pay any outstanding invoice(s).
    A. You may view the classes that you registered for by logging in to your BBL profile via the Parent Portal (top right of home page). Once logged in select the "cart" tab, edit if needed, then follow prompts to complete payment. If you have a credit, the credit will automatically post once you select the "pay now" prompt. If a class has been prorated you will see it at this point.
    A. For most advanced classes we offer a tryout on the first night the class is held. Please register for the class tryout. You may contact the office to arrange for an assessment by one of our coaches, similar to a private lesson, this will allow for proper class placement. (Depending on coach and facility availability)
    A. No, children do not automatically progress to level 2 classes after completing level 1 classes. In fact, children repeat classes frequently, especially at level 1. The child must master certain skills (depending on the class) before being advanced to the next level.
    A. No.
    A. Login to your existing profile and click on the “Account” tab and then "Add Player" and fill in information pertaining to new child.