BBL North

Seasonal Practices and Tournaments


Grades 4 - 6 will have a fall schedule of 6 practices and 2-3 tournaments.

Grades 7th and 8th will have 6 practices and  3 tournaments.

The high school teams will have 6 practices and 4 tournaments.


All teams will have 8 practices.


Grades 4 - 8th will have 6 practices.


Practices twice a week for six weeks and 3-4 tournaments (3 for 4th grade).

Practices twice a week for six weeks and 4 tournaments (5th - 10th grade)

Practices twice a week for six weeks and 3 tournaments (11th grade)

The BBL North Elite Girls Travel program consists of 8 teams in Bergen County. The region is directed by Sarah Lankton, an All American at the University of Findlay.  Sarah is Findlay‚Äôs only 2x All American, Rookie of the Year, 3x Mid-Fielder of the year, and currently hold 12 records at Findlay.  She is a college coach at Vassar College and also served as the Assistant Coach at Merrimack College. During her time at at Merrimack College she was also the logistics manager and a head coach for Revolution Lacrosse.  

There are two things that set us apart from other clubs in the area.The first is our training which is second to none. BBL was founded on the principle of improving the quality of lacrosse in New Jersey. Our travel program and year round training academy work together to provide our teams with the skills, drills and knowledge that all of our players need to perform at the highest level. During our team training, we work on team concepts, improving lacrosse IQ, and individual stick skills.

The second key differentiator is our focus on empowering the girls both on and off the field. All of the coaches that we hire must reflect this philosophy when working with our players. Coaches are encouraged to give specific player feedback during games as well as during practices. At the end of the summer, each player receives an evaluation that details her strengths and also where she needs improvement. We treat our teams as "family" and encourage our parents to do the same. Recently we created an Instagram account just for our girls teams. This gives them a venue to cheer each other on and share their accomplishments both on and off the field. (Visit: 

We are currently offering training in Bergen county at The Arena in Paramus and the Super Dome in Waldwick for the Fall and Winter.  Click here for details.


BBL prides itself on providing parents with as much information as possible. We have a parent portal that can be accessed at any time to view practice schedules, tournament details and hotel information. We have an open door policy and invite parent feedback. During the summer tournament season we distribute a mid summer season survey to all parents so that we can get "real" time feedback. Grace Foca is our travel coordinator who ensures that all of the hotel, waiver and rosters are handled and information disseminated to our parents.