When Andrew Hubschmann, founder of BBL, started to train kids in a local park nine years ago, he never dreamed that in a few short years his innovative lacrosse curriculum would lead him to forming a year round training academy and one of the most elite travel team programs in NJ.

The key to BBL’s unique training was the fact that he felt there was a gap between traditional exercises common to all lacrosse instruction and that the pace of learning was too slow. Over time he kept refining his ideas and inventing new drills. The result, a best kept secret that started to bring more and more parents who requested training for their children. He began to put his ideas to the test and on a trip to China showed that without even speaking the language, he was able to drastically improve the lacrosse skills of a small group in just a few days.


  1. Always do your best by your students (out do your last coaching session every time)

  2. Understand that parents want to feel that they are getting something of value every training session

  3. Treat every student as though they were a part of your family

  4. If you stop innovating then stop teaching lacrosse!

What makes BBL stand apart from any other training program is the unique player development system that no other programs offer. Within the Building Blocks Training Academy is a step by step level system. Players must show that they can execute all of the requirements of one level before being recommend for the next. A low, 6 to 1, student to coach ratio is also key factor in BBL’s continued success. Coaches can’t teach a class unless they are BBL “certified” in that level of instruction. Parents are encouraged to read our online Parent Guide that explains our level system in detail.

Today the academy offers  a range of classes for novice pre-K students all the way to D1 level recruits. Some students travel more than an hour to attend classes as the academy welcomes players from other travel club programs and even hosts a variety of local high schools for winter sessions. BBL currently offers the most diverse selection of summer camps in NJ which include Learnin’ and Luvin’, Position Specific and Ninja as well as other specialties. In addition, many local towns hire BBL to train their rec lacrosse programs. We are always happy to offer our students guidance on which classes may be the best fit for them.

The first eligible recruiting class (2014’s) on the girls side saw all eighteen players commit to collegiate programs. Fifteen committed to D1 schools including Princeton, Louisville, U-Penn, USC, Michigan, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Columbia and a host of others. For more details please go to our Girls Travel page.

Our boys BBL teams compete at the highest level at exclusive invite only tournaments.  We attract and develop many of the best players in the state who are committing to top division 1 and division 3 schools. See our Boys Travel page for more details about our program and players.