The impact of BOX lacrosse is being felt at all levels of the game. From youth to college, players are realizing that playing BOX greatly improves their field game. Indoor BOX is fast paced (think shot clock) and greatly enhances field skills as it focuses on vision, off-ball movement (the ball is never out of bounds) and accuracy. This past winter saw more teams than ever competing in this fast growing sport.

Building Blocks Lacrosse has become the leader in BOX lacrosse training in New Jersey.

As a result of our unique training methods, our six BOX travel teams competed successfully against some of the best programs in the country. Every team made it to one or more championship games, with many bringing home the game trophies. These teams were selected from the more than 150 players that tried out from a variety of travel programs from around the state. The BBL Training Academy now offers BOX instruction for both and girls. 

This year BBL will be hosting its own tourney - THE GARDEN STATE BOX LAX BATTLE!


This past winter showed that BBL BOX leads the way! Our ultra competitive teams dueled against some of the the top teams in the country, many times in a championship game. Unlike other BOX programs in the NJ area, we don't consider BOX a "seasonal" sport. Box training is integrated into our year round Building Blocks Lacrosse Training Academy, This means that our coaches are completely immersed in the sport and see the direct link between playing box and improved field skills. We don't bring in outside coaches for the winter, instead we have had our coaches certified in BOX training which keeps them and our players energized and engaged during the season and beyond.Our recent partnership with USBOXLA gives our coaches a database of drills and instructional tools to teach our players. In addition, partnering with USBOXLA gives us the opportunity to bring in professional coaches, players, and trainers to work with our staff and players. The partnership with USBOXLA will help us continue to grow the game of box lacrosse to an even larger audience!


I am a big fan of BBL's box lacrosse program and definitely felt that Jake learned a lot from participating.  In particular, Jake was forced to develop his dodges since he couldn't simply rely on his speed to avoid defenders.  I also think that his stick skills improved. Finally, passing lanes are tighter so Jake had to learn to pass the ball harder/faster Yes, we’re happy with the overall experience. The BBL Box Program fostered a competitive environment while maintaining a positive and fun experience. My son looked forward to the practices and was comfortable; he didn’t walk on eggshells worried about making mistakes. I felt the BBL leadership fostered a very team oriented environment; the camaraderie among the players were second to none. "I see a big difference in JD's stick skills. Box has also been terrific for his non-dominant hand. It really forces tight, sharp movements and precise passing and cutting" I definitely think that Connor's lacrosse skills improved due to the up-tempo pace of BOX.  Connor often plays goalie, so we were really looking for him to have a chance to hone his offense and defense skills.  That is what is so great about BOX-the boys are exposed to all aspects of the games-and they are forced to do it in a fast paced environment with strong competition. "Could not be happier with the level of coaching. You and your staff are fantastic, and that is a genuine observation. He typically uses his legs to create distance in field lacrosse, so drilling in close forced him to focus on quickness"