The Building Blocks Elite travel program is regarded the premier lacrosse club in the state of New Jersey and one of the most competitive travel clubs in the country.


The Boys' Elite program has grown tremendously over the course of the last five years and a lot of that is due to the commitment from our coaches, families and players ultimately representing our club. As a club we have had our most successful tournament seasons over the course of the last few summers and are looking forward to building on it!


BBL offers year round training for all players within the club and combines that with plenty of other seasonal opportunities. When a player makes a BBL team they will receive their year round training schedule and then have opportunity to train at a high level through our Academy, Box Lacrosse Teams and other potential playdates and events. A typical BBL Elite player will practice nearly 20 times with their team prior to their summer season, and will have the opportunity to do more.


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