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The Building Blocks Elite travel program is regarded as one of the most competitive travel clubs in the country. Based on two strong principles, our teams continue to flourish. The first is player development. We offer high level training at a level that no other travel club can offer. BBL initially started as year round training academy that offered skill instruction for some of the areas finest lacrosse players. Many of these players now compete on our youth, middle school or high school level travel teams. Last fall and spring our youth travel players were evaluated on their stick skills/Game IQ and athleticism. This gave each player a clear understanding on where they were and what they needed to improve upon. By focusing on individual development, we in turn saw our teams make tremendous progress.


The second principle is our participation in competitive tournaments. We play the toughest teams so that our players are always pushed to be at the top of their game. Our high school players are invited to attend the top recruiting events which help maximize college exposure.

An INSIDE LACROSSE article about the future of lacrosse and the increased emphasis on training and development mentioned how "Building Blocks Lacrosse in New Jersey is emerging as a creative force in establishing competencies that can be taught across each level of player development." (you can read the entire article at

For the serious lacrosse player, BBL offers many other opportunities to play lacrosse throughout the year. Our various industry relationships have allowed us to participate in the Long Island Spring League, NXT spring league, various exhibition games and pre-season scrimmages. To us, innovation is key. We constantly challenge our individual players, teams and coaches to continually show improvement. This past season we integrated box training for all of our teams as we see what an impact a player can make on the field when he adds those additional skills.



In its second year our North program offers Bergen county players top level lacrosse locally. Our program and level of talent continues to grow. Two years ago we split our program into high school and youth based teams. We continue to further hone our teams and their game play by focusing on age appropriate skills, team concepts and an even more intensified approach to showcasing our recruiting age players. Tyler Meth remained the overall head of boys travel and now participates more directly in the recruiting process.

The college recruiting landscape is increasingly competitive, and more than ever BBL is a part of the national conversation with coaches. Our teams saw action in many exclusive events including Legacy Fall "Super 8," Autumn Gold Fall Showcase, Big 4 HHH Summer Champions League and Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Session #3. 

Recruiting showcases continue to be of prime importance and this summer our players represented BBL at Maverik Showtime, Adrenaline Black Card, Jake Reed Blue Chip, NXT Philly Fall/Summer Showcases and NLF Futures. This has resulted in recent commits to Syracuse, Villanova, Lehigh, Army and many more.

Summer of 2016 our youth teams won seven championships and were in the finals of many others. We saw this as a direct result of our focus on stick skills and small sided game play. Consistent coaching from fall through summer with an experienced staff helped install a strong foundation for both individual and team development. That, coupled with a newly designed playbook, enabled even our youngest players to understand our core philosophies.

Coaches who work for BBL not only have experience and a passion for the game, but also implement the higher level training aspects of our BBL Academy into their team practices. Our mid summer season travel parent surveys have consistently re-enforced that we have some of the best and most dedicated coaches in the industry who focus on the individual development of each of their players as well as winning games.

To be clear, this is an Elite program. Going forward we play to win, therefore playing time is not guaranteed. Our coaches do their best to provide even playing time, but have the flexibility to not do so based on the situation. Practices and tournament attendance are now mandatory. Before signing up to tryout for one of our teams, be sure that you and your family are to make the commitment that playing for an elite club requires