Samantha Warner
Director of Girls Travel



We Build Lacrosse Players.  We understand that every player grows and learns differently.  Each of our Elite Travel Teams consists of players who are not only bring out the best in each other but also creates an environment where they can be successful individually on the field. It is our belief, to be the best you must compete against the best. We ensure that every year our players are seeing a wide range of the best programs in the country so they are continuously preparing to compete at the highest level. 


 We believe there are two distinct characteristics of our program that sets us a part from other programs. The first is the foundational training we provide to our players within the competitive team environment. We focus on developing each of our players as a whole player, including position specific training on both ends of the field. We encourage our players to train “outside the box” and have many opportunities for them to grow through non traditional training. 


One example of our out of the box training, is our girls box program which we have slowly been integrating over the past two years. With the focus of fast pace execution and quick thinking, we have seen a dramatic increase in our players individual stick skills and lacrosse IQ. We are continuing to development our box training and are integrity a Box-field hybrid into our summer programs. 


The second characteristic we believe sets us apart from other programs is our coaching staff and the individual feedback they give each player on the team. While we do boast a competitive team environment, it is important for the development of each of our players for them to have individual feedback and training. It is our philosophy that all of our players are given specific feedback about what and how they can improve their individual game. Along with, feedback each time they are subbed out of a game, they are also given two written evaluations throughout the year, so they have a personalized training agenda to help them reach their highest potential. 


In 2018 after partnering with Stick2Stick Lacrosse, we established BBL North. We are now able to offer the same top level training in a location that is more convenient for our families in Bergen County. Please visit the BBL North page for more information. 



Team Structure


We strive to provide two playing experiences for each graduation year. For our players in Third through Seventh grade the teams are created to provide the most positive and successful environment for each of our players. Developing confidence, and leadership skills alongside the game is important aspect of our youth program. We strive to place each player in the right environment so they thrive on the field. 


In our High School Program we split the players into two levels, Black and Red. Again, we are focusing on creating the most competitive, yet positive and empowering environment for each of our players so they are able to achieve their personal goals on the field. We are very proud of the fact that every year we have players from BOTH our Black and Red teams commit to play collegiate lacrosse. 




We pride ourselves on communicating with our players as much as we can. We treat every member of BBL like they are our family. Because there is a lot of information that needs to be passed along throughout the year, each team will have a Team Parent Leader  (TPL) who will help facilitate getting that information to your team. They will also be the ones who help organize team dinners, tournament supplies and site seeing trips during out tournaments weekends. Aside from competing in some of the top tournaments in the country, our teams have A LOT OF FUN throughout the summer. 



Seasonal Practices & Tournaments


Our programming varies by grade

Fall: 5-6 practices and 2-3 tournaments (1 tourney for 4th grade)

Winter: 8-12 team practices

Spring: 6-8 team youth practices (no high school) .

Summer: Practices twice a week for six weeks and 3-4 tournaments (2-3 for 4th grade)




Our philosophies on recruiting are inline with the philosophy of the IWLCA and NCAA. We understand this process is different for every prospective student athlete (PSA) and it is our goal to find the right fit for each individual player. As a club we strive to encourage our families to do their research. We provide many resources to help our families navigate this process. Each one of our PSA’s is given an individual recruiting plan, as well as access to our online college profile system that allows them to educate themselves on many different athletic programs, as well as help them gain exposure by providing on online profile that includes the athletes personal information, highlight reel as well as the ability to communicate directly with prospective programs. Our promise to our families is that if you want to play at the collegiate level, we will never stop helping you achieve that goal. We do not believe in the window of opportunity passing at a certain time and we are proud to say every year we have players commit to the school of their dreams as late as their senior year. 




We understand their is a lot of information that is sent to our families and therefore they may have a lot of questions. Grace Foca our travel coordinator, is always on hand to help all of our families navigate the sea of tournament hotels and waivers. We have an open door policy on feedback. We always strive to be better, so if any of our families have questions, or concerns, we encourage them to contact Grace or Coach Sam, so that they can provide you with additional information or address your concerns.