1ST- 2ND

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This camp utilizes fun games and drills to learn the basics of lacrosse. We incorporate learning stick skills into fun games that the kids love to play!!   A camp t-shirt will be provided.


Equipment: Stick


2ND - 8TH

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Take your game to the next level with BBL's Academy Camps!    This camp offers fun and focused training to elevate your skills. BBL's Academy system builds ambidextrous stick skills and shooting forms by targeting muscle memory to get the fastest development possible.  We then reinforce these skills within game-play situations, starting with 1 v 1's and building to full game-play. This is an awesome opportunity for players to begin developing advanced skills and apply them in a dynamic learning/playing environment. 


2ND - 8TH

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Prodigy is our most challenging training program for advanced players 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th and 5th/6th.   The developmental needs of advanced players at this age need to be catered to in the right training environment.  Advanced stickwork and gameplay are key pieces of the training. This camp brings together the top players for their age to provide them with a challenging and very fun playing environment with other players that are as good as them, so that they can learn more and do more in their practice and game play.   Prodigy is an invite only level camp that requires a tryout or personal invite from a BBL coach.




Ultimate Offense_girls logo.png

For advanced players only. The Ultimate Offense Camp is designed for top tier players who want to be the best. Ultimate Offense training is broken down into shooting, dodging, feeding and off ball skills from both the midfield and attack positions - from all spots within settled offense. Other content includes crease play, fakes, and finishes.  During the second half of each day the players will be further challenged by taking on the Ultimate Offense Camp players.


This camp helps you become an Ultimate Offensive weapon!



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The Ultimate Defense Camp is designed for top tier players who want to be the best at defense.  This camp caters to defenders seeking very high level instruction from expert coaches in a competitive setting.  You will improve your defense-specific footwork using exercises from the best Division 1 programs.

You will learn defensive footwork, arm work and stick work for 1 v. 1's from each of the 7 offensive initiation spots.  Player will progress to 2 v 2, 3 v 3 on ball and off ball defense skills. During the second half of each day the players will be further challenged by taking on the Ultimate Offense Camp players.



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Tryout Prep Details: In the weeks preceding the start of tryout season - players want to get extra training to sharpen their skills and and get ready for the impending competition. We have received a great deal of requests for extra training during this time in years past - we are offering a new program called "Tryout Prep".  Tryout prep consists of 50% skill sharpening (catching, throwing, ground balls, shooting, dodging, defense) and 50% small sided game play training (1 v 1s, 2 v 1s, 2 v 2s, 3 v 2s, 3 v 3s, 4 v 3s, and 4 v 4s). Its is also a good way to get exposure to the coaches in a less stressful environment.



Specialist School Camp Logo.png

The focus of this camp will be on developing specific skill sets to build the best possible player at the position. Players will work with position specific coaches for the majority of the morning before breaking off for a quick snack break.During this break there will be a rotating presentation schedule and guest speakers that will speak to the players about their playing experience, tips and habits that they now start to develop; as well as what it takes to succeed at the high school level.After the break, players will come back onto the field and get a chance to showcase their skills that they practiced in the morning against live competition.




In our elite game play camp players go through a progressive series of small sided game play training and competitions.  We build players up through 1v1s, 2vf1s, 2v2s, 3v2s, 3v3s, 4v3s and 4v4s in various areas around the goal.  Players will improve their IQs and skills for making winning plays on both offense and defense in a variety of settings helping to make them more well rounded.  Training focuses less on skill development and more on understanding how to be successful in any small sided game play scenario you may face so this camp is fast paced and fun because it involves a lot of mini lacrosse games.