The impact of BOX lacrosse is being felt at all levels of the game. From youth to college, players are realizing that playing BOX greatly improves their field game. Indoor BOX is fast paced (think shot clock) and greatly enhances field skills as it focuses on vision, off-ball movement (the ball is never out of bounds) and accuracy. This past winter saw more teams than ever competing in this fast growing sport.

Building Blocks Lacrosse has become the leader in BOX lacrosse training in New Jersey. As a result of our unique training methods our player are recognized by college coaches for the great stick skills and high lacrosse IQ.



Box training is integrated into our players' travel team practices each year.  We feel that box lacrosse significantly improves stick skills, off-ball movement and lacrosse IQ.  We even incorporate box lacrosse into our field offense.  BBL will continue to be a leader as girls box lacrosse continues to grow across the country.