The BBL Academy provides year round training that is ideal for establishing, improving and mastering the individual skills needed to be an outstanding lacrosse player. We offer classes for beginners through Division 1 athletes. These are not just clinics that are grouped by age, but rather real classes where your child can develop the specific skills needed to be successful on the field. We usually assign one coach to each 6-8 students. Each seasonal session usually consists of 5-6 classes which take place once per week. At the end of each session your child will receive an online evaluation which will detail what your child still needs to work on. Sometimes we may recommend that your child take a session a second time if he/she has not mastered the skills needed to move to the next level and be successful.



We come prepared with a thought out and detailed curriculum that is specific to the class or training session. All logistics and details are thoughts about well in advance so that coaches can focus on being the best coaches possible.


Housed at our state of the art facilities in Florham Park and Waldwick (Bergen), all BBL Academy classes are centrally located and easy to get to from multiple counties. Classes and camps take place on brand new field turf with access to bathrooms and changing rooms. Parents have access to wifi and a delicious cafe located on the first floor to pass the time.



We have been doing this for awhile. We have built a system of advancing players through a level system based on skills and traits that we have deemed important over the last ten years. Our highest level coaches have been involved with the BBL Academy for a long time and have a history of working with players of all skill-levels. BBL is the oldest training academy in NJ and has trained well over 5,000 boys and girls.


Fluidity and Innovation:

Our staff of talented coaches is on the front lines at many levels of lacrosse; whether that is at the collegiate level, the varsity level or simply coaching a youth team. We see how the game is evolving and understand that in order to be the best you have to be willing to adapt. Think there is a class that we aren’t touching on? We have the ability to make it happen and love hearing your ideas.


Real-Time Feedback:

In order for a young student-athlete to thrive in a challenging environment it is important that they are receiving as much personal feedback as possible. Not only will players receive hands on feedback throughout a class, but they will also be provided with formal evaluation when the class concludes that will define what they should do next for their development.



Our goal is simple, ‘build the best lacrosse player’ that we possibly can. If something isn’t going the way your son or daughter thought it was going to or if the class just isn’t the right fit; we are there to make sure it gets figured out. Our dedicated staff is there to help make any changes.



From the time you register for a class or camp, you are in the loop and informed on class times, any changes and important updates. Our operating staff works full-time to ensure that the registration process is as smooth as possible.