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Clark Rich Commits To Lehigh University

Clark Rich: Forging Ahead to Lehigh

The transition from high school to college marks a pivotal chapter in an athlete's life, and Clark Rich, a promising player from Seton Hall Prep, is destined for greatness as he commits to Lehigh University.

Choosing Lehigh University

Clark's path to college lacrosse presented a world of opportunities, with numerous prestigious Universities expressing interest in the early stages of his recruiting process. One institution stood out above the rest – Lehigh University. When asked about his decision, Clark shared, "I wanted to be part of the culture Coach Scudder has created at Lehigh. I sought a school that offers academic excellence, challenges me, allows me to grow, contribute, and build lifelong relationships with my teammates and coaches."

Clark's choice reflects his commitment not only to the sport but also to personal growth and academic excellence. Clark is a stellar student at Seton Hall Prep and he is seeking to challenge himself academically. Lehigh University's rich lacrosse culture and dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals deeply resonated with him, making it the perfect place to start his next lacrosse journey.

The BBL Connection

Clark emphasizes the transformative role that Building Blocks Lacrosse (BBL) played in his development as a player and his success in the recruiting process. "I'm a BBL Lifer. I've been with BBL throughout my club lacrosse journey," he proudly shares. "I've acquired numerous skills from various coaches along the way and plan to continue working with them to improve for the upcoming Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons."

Clark's loyalty to BBL speaks volumes about the organization's dedication to player development. He specifically mentions Coach Byron Collins, whose honesty and invaluable guidance helped him navigate the challenging recruiting process. "He and Bryan Armstrong stood by my side every step of the way," Clark recalls, "and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had their support."

The Family Backbone

Family support often serves as the cornerstone of many athlete's journeys. Clark's profound appreciation for his family's role in his lacrosse journey shines through. "I couldn't have reached this point without the support, love, guidance, patience, and constant hydration provided by my family," he jokes. His family's unwavering support, guidance, and love have played a pivotal role in his journey.

The Goals Ahead

As Clark embarks on this exciting new chapter of his lacrosse career at Lehigh University, his goals reflect his character and ambition. "My goals are to refine my skills, continue to grow stronger and faster so I can excel at Seton Hall Prep and beyond.”

With his unwavering dedication and the solid foundation he's built through BBL, there's no doubt that Clark Rich is poised for a bright future in lacrosse. Lehigh University isn't just gaining a talented player; they are welcoming a student-athlete who embodies the essence of the sport – a commitment to excellence, a passion for growth, and an unwavering determination to succeed.

As we follow Clark's journey, we're reminded that in the world of lacrosse, it's not just about the game itself; it's about the remarkable journey that defines the athlete and the individual. Clark Rich stands as a shining example of both.

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