As it is deemed safe to do more things, we are committed to making sure that all of our players can begin playing again in a safe environment. We have reviewed a number of return-to-play guidelines across various sports governing bodies and have put together a return-to-play strategy that exceeds the recommended standards of the CDC.  

The phases and timing of return to play will be based on state and local guidelines. At this time New Jersey is allowing groups of 25 to participate in physical activity. We are moving intelligently and deliberately to observe safety standards for our families. 

As we return to the field, things are going to be different for a while. In order to maintain the health and safety of all players, common processes and drills during practices will be changed. It is very important that we stick to these guidelines to mitigate the risk of possible transmission. We ask all families to read these guidelines so that they are informed and prepared. 

We will be taking a phased approach to our return-to-play so that we allow players and parents to be safe as we get acclimated to the new normal. Social distancing will be a major priority during all phases and will be strictly enforced by our coaches.  Even as we head to gameplay, social distancing and hygiene standards will be mandated in all situations on and off the field. It is recommended that children only travel/ride with a direct family or household member to and from the activity/event. No carpooling should be happening.

We will host virtual meetings to review the guidelines with all of our families before we resume play, This is to ensure that when players and parents arrive for their first practices, we will all know the procedures and be comfortable and confident in our health and safety together. 

PHASE 1: Virtual Training

• Focus on individual development using the BBL Virtual Trainer.

• Virtual Team training sessions via Zoom.

• BBL Team Rooms utilizing Google Classroom.

PHASE 2: Socially Distanced Training       (timeframe: starting 6/3)

• Stay at home orders are relaxed, group activities limited to 10 or less.

• Parks and outdoor facilities begin to open, and allow visitors continuing to follow social distancing guidelines.

• Fields will be broken up into quadrants

• 10 player max per Quadrant

• Players will be asked to come dressed and spread out their water bottles/hand sanitizer 6 feet apart. Bring own water bottle. Eat off-site.


•Minimize use of bathrooms, communal areas.


• Players cannot leave Quadrant until coaches issue a rotation.


• Players cannot touch balls, cones, ladders, etc with their hands.

• Coaches will follow social distancing guidelines, which include but are not limited to, staying 6 feet apart from players and others, wearing masks when necessary and using verbal cues.


• Players will not contact each other in the quadrant and will be instructed to stay 6 feet apart in all drills - drills will be skill-based. Any player who violates these provisions will be given one warning and upon a second violation will be asked to leave practice.


• Spectators will be discouraged during this phase - if spectators must be present, they must maintain social distancing protocols. If we are indoors then spectators are not permitted to minimize potential exposure.

• Players should arrive 15min before practice dressed and ready to play and not earlier, they must leave directly after practice.

• Mixing of groups will be avoided.

• No Huddles


• Any training equipment exposed to players will be wiped down between practices.

PHASE 3 (timeframe: end of June - early July)


• Fields and training facilities are open, group sizes are increased to 25 or more. Practices with contact is permissible.

• We will limit the number of teams at each practice and number of players per field.

• We will encourage “open space” between fields

• Spectators will be discouraged - if spectators are present, they must maintain social distancing protocols which include wearing face masks, personal hand sanitizer, but are encouraged to stay in their personal vehicle instead. If we are indoors then spectators are not permitted to minimize potential exposure.

• Mixing of groups will be discouraged - All teams and groups for practice are pre-set. Please refrain from gathering in the parking lot or open spaces near the field. Stay with the assigned group/team.


• Players cannot touch balls, cones, ladders, etc with their hands.



•No sharing of equipment, water bottles, towels.

• Huddles will be discouraged.


• Any training equipment exposed to players will be wiped down between practices.

PHASE 4: Return to Normal 


• Return to Normal Large and Small Group Training Sessions. 

• Mixing of Teams and Players Can Occur Normally. 

• Huddles will be limited.

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