Rules and Information

Teams must consist of 15 players minimum including a goalie 

Games are 23 minute halves running clock- 2 min half time, no timeouts 

Teams are guaranteed 4 games 

Following US Lacrosse youth rules


Modified checking for 7th- 6th Grade both coaches must agree on checking


2 certified refs per game 


Championship format- One winner from each division will advanced to playoffs


Subbing must be done from designated subbing area in front of scorers table 

Official score will be kept by time keeper at table. 


Yellow cards- Player must wait for the duration of the two minutes at the scorers table. Player will be released by the table- Not the coach 


2 yellow cards in one game will result in the player being ineligible to compete in the next game 


Clock will run during injury time out 


In the event of a tie in a division- tie breakers are as follows 

1-Head to head 

2-Goals against 

3-Goals for 


*If all of those are even there will be a coin toss 


Games in regulation that end in a tie will remain in a tie. Playoff games that end in a tie will be determined by a braveheart 


There will be certified trainers on site and communication at every scorers table in case of an injury