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Black Grunge


  • What does BBL offer in the lacrosse community?
    BBL offers top end training , regional based programing, the benefit of a national program. We boast the top coaches in the state as well as best in class recruiting
  • Why does BBL have different regional teams?
    Regional teams are created as an opportunity to help grow the strongest pockets of lacrosse in the state. As an added convince to families to offer top level lacrosse with in a manageable distance
  • What age do offerings begin?
    BBL services begin at 3rd grade all the way through the highschol Junior year.
  • Does BBL offer programming for boys and girls?
    Yes we offer Girls programming in our Central & North markets with expectations of expanding to other markets. Boys programming can be found in the Central, North, West and shore regions.
  • What is included in the year round package with BBL?
    While each team may fluctuate a good base line is as follower per program 6-8 fall practices, Play days (non sanctioned games) & 3 tornaments. Combined 8-12 winter- spring practices 10-12 practices in the summer with 4-5 tournaments. National programming & top training in the state with our academy offerings.
  • What al la carte programs are available?
    We offer training academy most of the year as well as national team opportunities. Intro and Travel team prep
  • Pricing per year? Regional breakdown?
    Boys team depend by team from youth to elite HS programs $3300-5000 for the year Girls team depend by team from youth to elite HS programs from $2300-5600 for the year
  • Does BBL provide recruiting services for their HS athletes?
    Yes with deep connections to the top schools in the country.
  • What days of the week does BBL hold practice/games?
    Practice on the fall is only on sundays and out fo the fall land traditionally Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • How are teams put together?
    Try outs are held in the summer where we evaluate and select our roster for the season but we do hold supplemental try outs through out the year as needed.
  • What is over all commitment expectation?
    100% commitment to all of the team scheduled functions is expected. if you think practice is optional, we are not the program for you.
  • What is your refund policy?
    No Refunds.
  • Can I play for BBL if I don't live in New Jersey?
    Yes. Please reach out to us to discuss.
  • Can I play for other programs if I join BBL?
    No. we have a strict single team policy
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