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Luke Marra Commits To Penn State

In a display of dedication and passion for the sport of lacrosse, Luke Marra, a standout player from Ridgewood High School, has announced his commitment to Penn State. As Luke transitions from high school accolades to the broader horizons of collegiate athletics, his story offers an inspiring tale of support, growth, and ambition.

Luke had his eyes set on several prestigious institutions, with Penn State, Rutgers, and Ohio State as his final choices. His decision to commit to Penn State was rooted in his aspiration to play for a Big Ten school. The proximity to home, coupled with the warm reception from the coaches and the institution's robust academic reputation, made Penn State his top choice.

A significant portion of Luke's growth as a lacrosse player can be attributed to his time with BBL. Starting with BBL North under the guidance of Coach Sal Sassano, Luke's initiation into the sport was molded. Coach Sassano instilled in him the fundamentals of being a close defenseman. At BBL Central, Coach Perez refined his understanding of slides and team defense. During his high school years, Ridgewood HS Coach Mike Pounds played a pivotal role in shaping Luke’s Team defensive IQ and overall leadership skills. For BBL the triumvirate of Coach Kavanagh, Collins, and Armstrong honed his skills further, transforming him into a formidable defender. Their candid feedback and unwavering support played a pivotal role in navigating the intricate maze of the recruiting process.

However, the true bedrock of Luke's journey has been his family. The unwavering support from his parents - from shuttling him to practices and games, to the meticulous task of editing emails and assisting with game film - has been unparalleled. Drawing inspiration from his older sisters, Laney and Nina, who were his earliest lacrosse trainers, Luke's love for the game was nurtured in the family's backyard. Especially with Nina continuing her lacrosse journey at Gettysburg, the sport is undeniably a family affair for the Marras.

Coming off a stellar season where Ridgewood High School clinched the State Championship, the Kirst Cup, and secured their position as the number one team in NJ, Luke is hungrier than ever. His vision for the future is clear: to replicate this success, especially with a County Championship, and to continuously evolve as a player. Balancing athletic prowess with academic diligence and emerging as a leader on the defense are also on his agenda.

In Luke Marra, we see the embodiment of determination, discipline, and dreams. As he embarks on this new chapter at Penn State, the lacrosse world waits with bated breath to witness the feats he will achieve.

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